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Hello here is some recs they’re all very good and have made my Sunday happy

Here’s How It Goes / 1.8k

Their story only stops to start all over again. And this one’s told in 50 sentences.

(Notes: For lack of a better word, this was really enchanting.)

Of Sound Mind / 3.1k

Plato hypothesized that the soul was comprised of three parts. Annabeth does not understand her own soul. Three conversations Annabeth has during Percy’s missing two weeks of Battle of the Labyrinth. Annabeth-centric.

(Notes: I’m cry I love Annabeth centric and Percy’s missing and she loves him and I’m UPSET)

Dependent / 1.1k

It must have happened gradually, but it hit her all at once. Annabeth would be fine one minute, but the next, she would be looking over her shoulder, stomach tied in anticipation, distracted. In all those years of being best friends, Percy must’ve somehow changed the fact that Annabeth was okay with being alone.

(Notes: Gross) (Notes: Also cute)

i’m half a heart without you / 3.1k

"Everyone in the world has a necklace, Annabeth," he tells her, pulling a black half-heart necklace from below his shirt. "And each necklace only has one match. That’s how we know who we’re supposed to be with."

(Notes: [YODELS] soulmate aus!!!!! WRITE MORE OF THEM)

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What do you think love is?

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Emma Watson being god damn adorable

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At the groceries store



Me: can u give me x²+4y+ of tomatoes & 2(x²+8xy^3) of potatoes please

Seller: I dont understand

Me: well i dont give a fuck i didnt study in vain

those are polynomials you asked for a neverending curve of tomatoes

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The Rain Room is a 100 square metre field of falling water which visitors are invited to walk into. Sensors detect where visitors are standing, and the rain stops around them, giving them an experience of how it might feel to control the rain.


Out of every place in the world they picked the UK to add rain to. 


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Get to know me meme:
[2/5] Current celebrity crushes: Ansel Elgort

"I think it’s important I stay connected to every part of my personality. I play basketball. I rock climb. I paint. I’m a little bit scattered, but it’s so I can convincingly play all these characters."

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I feel more like myself. That is all I need: to remember who I am. And I am someone who does not let inconsequential things like boys and near-death experiences stop her.

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"I volunteer as tribute" 

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Your sister is dead because of you!

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Tiggers gotta bounce if he wants to taste that honey


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"alright heres the plan. you gone stand there like you mad at me and imma slide in on my knees and grab the booty"

"but usher what does this have to do with the music vi-"

"shhh just trust me im an artist"

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but its important

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A quick drawing of The Lost Hero trio! yeah!

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